No Money For Employees; 19 Brand New Cars for Jagan

Andhra Pradesh is going through a severe financial stress and we have been hearing reports about the state government unable to pay salaries to its employees in time. The list is big when we learn about no money for pension, development and a cut in the welfare schemes being implemented by the state government.

Amidst this crisis, from AP Secretariat sources there is news that the state government bought 19 brand new cars for CM YS Jagan. Toyota manufactured Fortuner is the car AP government purchased and the 19 cars were customised with bullet proof for CM Jagan’s security. A total of Rs 15 crore was spent by the government on these vehicles.

Three years back when Jagan took charge as CM, six new cars were purchased for his transportation at Tadepalli, in districts and in New Delhi. What’s worth to be noticed is that the six cars are currently being used and the newly purchased cars are an addition.

So far, no announcement has come from the AP government regarding the purpose of the 19 new cars purchased. The opposition parties are criticizing and questioning the state government’s motive behind purchasing the cars when it is unable to pay salaries to employees on time.

There is also a rumor that CM Jagan might dissolve the assembly after the month of April, so it is heard that he is planning to tour all the 175 Assembly constituencies before he dissolves the Assembly. In order to travel all over the state, the government reportedly bought the cars, is what is being debated about.

With Nara Lokesh planning a Paadayatra later this month and Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan getting ready for ‘Varahi’ tour, CM Jagan wants to attempt something similar so that the people would not get diverted from him. 19 cars is a huge convoy and Jagan might go with a battalion to the public.