CBI Traps MP Avinash Reddy With Call Data

Kadapa MP Avinash Reddy has been facing allegations of the murder of AP CM YS Jagan’s uncle (Chinna Nanna) YS Vivekanand Reddy before the 2019 general elections. The case had seen many turns but the big turn came with the Supreme Court transferring the case to Hyderabad CBI. With orders from the Supreme, the CBI swung into action and summoned Avinash Reddy for questioning.

During the weekend Avinash Reddy appeared before the CBI and he was questioned for close to five hours. Here the big question is how did CBI trapped Avinash Reddy and from reliable sources, it is his call data. After getting the call data, the CBI directly asked Avinash about the calls he made and received on the day and day after Viveka’s murder.

The CBI found out that Avinash was using two different numbers and enquired the same. Initially Avinash hesitated to reply but he had no other choice with the CBI officials showering questions one by one. Finally Avinash broke the silence that the other contact number belongs to Naveen. The CBI asked more details about Naveen and Avinash replied that to reach CM Jagan’s wife Bharati on phone, Naveen is the point of contact. Avinash also disclosed that Naveen stays in Vijayawada.

The probe agency has reportedly served notices to Naveen and one more person that Avinash used his phone to contact CM Jagan. The CBI has asked both Naveen and the other person to appear before the probe agency for further questioning in the case.

So far the CBI has questioned 278 persons in connection with YS Viveka’s murder but the spotlight was always on Avinash Reddy who first said that Viveka died of heart-attack and later it was declared that he was brutally murdered.