AP MLC Polls: One Vote.. The Deciding Factor!

The Graduate MLC election results were a setback for the YCP. Unexpectedly, the ruling party suffered defeat in three places and now there is a panic in the YCP camp. There is a reason for it and it is the MLC election that will be held under MLAs quota. With TDP candidate Anuradha entering the fray, YCP appears to be clueless.

The MLAs quota MLC election in AP will be held on 23rd of this month. Polling will be held for all seven seats. YCP is contesting all the seven seats and it did not anticipate that the TDP would contest even though it doesn’t have the numbers strength. This estimation has gone wrong.

TDP has finalized the name of Anuradha who hails from the BC community and YCP is assessing how TDP’s candidate would split the votes. According to the AP Assembly strength, 22 first preference votes are required for the seventh candidate to win.

YCP has 151 MLAs in AP Assembly while TDP has 23 MLAs and Jana Sena has one. But these numbers juggled with four TDP MLAs in favour of YCP and the only MLA of Jana Sena openly supporting the ruling party. With numbers on their side, CM Jagan boldly fielded the seventh candidate in the MLC elections.

The twist in the tale came with TDP announcing Anuradha’s name. MLAs Kotamreddy Sridhar Reddy and Anam Ramnarayana Reddy who turned YCP rebels are likely to vote for Telugu Desam candidate. Although TDP’s strength has dropped to 19 due to the defection of four MLAs, the party gained support from YCP rebels and it’s tally went up to 21.

If TDP’s Anuradha has to secure a win, she needs the vote of just one MLA and it’s the deciding factor. Sensing the discontent among the YCP MLAs, the TDP played its political cards for the MLC elections and fielded Anuradha.

The political buzz is that already many MLAs are in touch with TDP leadership. Some YCP MLAs reportedly wanted assurance from TDP leadership regarding ticket in the next elections and if the promise is met, they are ready to vote for TDP’s candidate Anuradha. A few ruling party MLAs allegedly gave an open offer to TDP that they would show their vote after the polling.

However, TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu is hesitant to take the help of YCP MLAs because he has knowledge of the political situation in YCP MLAs constituencies. Moreover, TDP cadre might oppose the move of seeking YCP MLAs votes. Regardless of the odds TDP is confident that there is no problem with that one vote.