MLC Polls: TDP’s Anuradha Wins, Cross Voting Shocks YCP!

The counting for the MLC elections is underway and as expected the Telugu Desam had a major upper hand in the early counting.

TDP’s Anuradha received 23 votes and this is a shocker for the YCP. As soon as this news broke out, the YCP leadership suspected cross voting. But who voted for Anuradha is yet to be known.

YCP’s Jayamangala and Kola Guruvulu have received 21 votes each and as per the latest updates, the YCP has a clear lead in five MLC seats while TDP secured a win. Now all eyes are on one which is left out of the seventh vacant MLC seats. It will be between Jayamangala and Kola Guruvulu and the YCP is closely monitoring the counting trends.

With TDP securing a win, the second priority votes have gained significance and these votes will be the deciding factor between Jayamangala and Kola Guruvulu.