It’s Not An Easy Task For Chandrababu & Pawan

TDP and Jana Sena are expected to form an alliance for the upcoming general elections. Both parties are aware of the anti-incumbency sentiment against the YCP government and are cautiously maneuvering to establish the alliance. However, even before formal talks between TDP and Jana Sena have taken place, conflicts over seat sharing have arisen within the TDP ranks.

If the alliance is confirmed, Jana Sena is likely to request Assembly constituencies with a significant presence of the Kapu community. These constituencies include Ramachandrapuram, Pithapuram, Amalapuram, Tadepalligudem, Eluru, Bhimavaram, Polavaram, Narsapuram, Tanuku, Razole, Kothapeta, and Rajamahendravaram Rural.

On the other hand, Telugu Desam is reluctant to give up these constituencies. The local cadre in these respective constituencies believe that their party still holds strong and will put up a robust fight in the elections. If these seats are allotted to Jana Sena, TDP would weaken by losing the valuable support of the local cadre.

Some TDP leaders have expressed their opinion that Jana Sena should not be given more than 25 Assembly seats. If a consensus on seat sharing cannot be reached, it would be better for TDP to contest alone.

Therefore, the TDP cadre has clearly communicated its stance on seat sharing with Jana Sena, and Chief Chandrababu Naidu will have to consider their opinion before engaging in talks with JSP leader Pawan Kalyan. The final outcome remains uncertain at this stage, but it is a matter of serious concern for the party cadre.