YCP Fire Brand Speaks About ‘Noti Dhoola’

The election result shocked the YSRCP leaders like never before. This harsh truth is definitely hurting the YSRCP leaders who have been vocal about many things when they were in power. The firebrands of the party have gone silent and one of them is now responding to the public mandate and criticism.

Ex-Minister Anil Kumar Yadav contested in Narasaraopeta for the MP seat and lost it. In a recent interaction, Anil Kumar Yadav responded to the comments all over about the reason for YSRCP’s loss in the election which was due to the ill-speaking of the leaders.

Anil Kumar Yadav opened up on ‘Noti Dhoola’ comments and said they are ready to change their mistakes even if it is ill-speaking or any other reason.

Anil Kumar Yadav further spoke about his promise to quit politics if YSRCP loses in the elections. He said no one accepted his promise and now there is no question about it. Anil Kumar Yadav said now they are in a situation to hear and TDP is in a position to say. He said the time will fly and YSRCP will be with the people for the next five years and they are not running away.