Ambati’s Most Irresponsible Response On Polavaram

Former Irrigation minister of AP Ambati Rambabu is one such YCP leader who loves media glare and public attention. But with his latest comment on the Polavaram project, he hasn’t just invited media attention but also virtually endless public outrage.

Ambati called for a press meet today to speak about the Polavaram project a day after Chandrababu said Jagan destroyed its prospects by canceling the tenders. This is when he made a shockingly amusing remark.

“Polavaram is an extremely complicated project. It isn’t easy to comprehend the logistics and details of the project. The reason why I’m saying this so loudly is that I myself didn’t understand the Polavaram project” Ambati said. His exact words were “Polavaram project nakey artham kaledu.”

After operating as the irrigation minister of AP and vowing to complete the Polavaram project by the end of his tenure, Ambati saying he didn’t even understand the project in the first place is leaving social media users bemused. Reacting to the video of Ambati saying he hasn’t yet comprehended the Polavaram project, netizens are questioning what he was doing in his tenure as irrigation minister without learning about the biggest project in his portfolio. Netizens heavily trolling Ambati as this comments is the most irresponsible.

On top of that, Ambati prided himself on saying he is the first man ever to say the Polavaram project is hard to understand. He claimed Chandrababu Naidu too followed the same suit.