Varma & Nagababu In MLC Race ?

Even before the dust on assembly and parliament elections settles down, we are going to witness another election in Andhra Pradesh very soon. This time it will be election to the vacant posts in the legislative council. Consequent on the defection of two former YSRCP MLCs Mohammad Iqbal and C. Rama Chandrayya into TDP, the leader of legislative council disqualified them immediately, leading to two vacant posts.

The vacant MLC posts should be filled within three months from the date of disqualification. As two months have already elapsed, the election commission is likely to release the notification for filling up these two MLCs. The Telugu Desam Party, which is currently in power as part of the NDA alliance, is likely to clinch these two MLCs unanimously because they will be elected by the MLAs in the legislative assembly.

As the NDA alliance boasts a significant strength in the assembly with 164 seats, it is going to be a red carpet entry for two MLCs as both of them belong to the MLA quota. Now, the question is who will be choosen for these two MLC posts from the NDA alliance.

Reports suggest that former Pithapuram MLA SVSN Varma, who sacrificed his ticket for Janasena president Pawan Kalyan in the recent assembly elections, is the forerunner for one MLC post. When Varma opted out of contention and extended full support to Pawan Kalyan in Pithapuram, many believed that Chandrababu Naidu might have assured him MLC in order to keep him silent and withdraw his plans from contesting as an independent. Moreover, party sources are hoping that Varma will get his due for working hard and ensuring Pawan Kalyan’s victory in Pithapuram.

On the other side, Konidela Naga Babu, brother of Pawan Kalyan, is also in the race for MLC post. Naga Babu was supposed to contest as Anakapalle MP. He was almost finalised to get the ticket on behalf of Janasena. Unfortunately, he was sidelined in the last minute due to the seat sharing with BJP. So, there is a talk that Naga Babu might be offered MLC ticket as a mark respect for standing by Pawan Kalyan and Janasena in tough times.

Besides these two names, TDP leaders like Devineni Uma, Alapati Raja and few others who jumped from YSRCP before the elections are also in contention for these two MLC posts. As of now, there is no clarity on who will secure the two vacant berths in the council.