Lokesh Shares Pics Of YSRCP’ ‘Palaces’

The attention of the Andhra Pradesh public at the moment is on the controversial Rushikonda Palace which is built on a staggering budget of over Rs 500 crore. On top of that, it is being unearthed by the newly formed TDP+ government that Jagan aspired to have lavish YCP offices in all 26 districts of Andhra Pradesh.

Reacting on this matter, Lokesh pointed that the cost incurred in building one single palace like the one in Rushikonda is equal to building 25,000 houses.

Lokesh pointed out that Jagan allocated a total of 42 acres of land in 26 districts for a throwaway price of Rs 1000 per year for the construction of mega buildings. “At the cost of Rs 500 crore that is spent on each palace of Jagan, we can build 25,000 houses to the poor and help them.”

The new IT minister called this sheer wastage of public funds for Jagan’s private desires. He questioned the need to have such mega buildings in each of the districts while the state finances are so low with the coffers drying up.

This “Palace” saga involving Jagan is taking a huge dent on YCP as the media space is occupied with the pictures of several under-construction YCP offices from all parts of AP.