Jagan Furious On Pulivendula: What’s Up?

Prior to the 2024 election results, several enthusiasts bet money on Jagan Mohan Reddy saying he would get the highest majority in the state. But in the end, Jagan got just 60,000 majority which was easily beaten by Pawan Kalyan(71K+) and Nara Lokesh(91K+). It showed that Jagan’s grip on Pulivendula got loosened substantially.

As a retrospective measure, Jagan camped in Pulivendula for the last couple of days and assessed the situation not just locally but in all of Kadapa. Reportedly, he was communicated through the public that bills amounting to Rs 100 crore belonging to Pulivendula contractors weren’t cleared in YCP’s tenure. This is said to be one of the principal forces that worked against Jagan in this year’s election.

Apparently, Jagan was enraged upon hearing about the volume of the pending bills and got furious with those around him. He reportedly wasn’t aware that something that big was happening behind his back.

While the volume of the pending bills in itself is shocking, the ex-CM not knowing about the bills in his own assembly constituency is speaking volumes about the kind of administration that was seen in the last 5 years. This perhaps could have been the reason why Jagan lost grip not just in Pulivendula but all of Rayalaseema region, remarked an observer.