Naidu’s Governance Sending Positive Signals In AP

The TDP alliance government is spreading a positive atmosphere in the state, increasing the confidence public placed in veteran politician and Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu.

It is one month since Naidu had taken charge as the CM and he has shown his mark of seniority in administration by ensuring that both welfare and development walk in tandem.

In contrast to the Opposition’s expectation of plunging straight into implementation of welfare programmes, Naidu displayed his seniority by going slow and steady. He is ensuring that the state’s financial condition is also improving in tune with welfare. He is standing up to the confidence of the electorate which has voted for the alliance and given a decisive mandate harboring a lot of hopes on development.

Soon after assuming charge as the CM, he inspected Polavaram, considered the lifeline of the state, and submitted a report to the Centre. An international expert team has also pressed into service to take stock of the situation and suggest measures for its early completion, sending strong signals that the government is committed towards the cause.

He also toured in the capital region of Amaravati to gain knowledge about what should be done to make the city a reality. He held a review meeting with the CRDA officials and released a White Paper on Amaravati and invited the investors to the state.

Naidu submitted report on the same to the Centre and sought its help in release of required funds.

He also ensured that hiked social welfare pensions of Rs 7,000 to each beneficiary was distributed right on dot, on July 1, even without the help of volunteers, thereby proving Opposition leader Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy’s statement false.

The government employees and pensionsers are also happy that they have received their salaries and pensions were handed over to them on the first day of month.

Earlier, Reddy said pensions and other benefits cannot be distributed to each and every household without the help of the volunteers but Naidu did it proving that the government system can work even without the presence of volunteers.

In a remarkable development, the TDP alliance government geared up to implement its promise on free sand policy too, within a month of assuming charge. Measures have been taken to supply sand to the builders at minimum cost.

It has already been launched in 20 districts on an experimental basis, thus giving the much required impetus to the construction and real estate sectors.

Further, the people in rural areas, who always feel most neglected in the state due to the pathetic sanitation and roads, had a reason to smile as the concerned MLAs visited the villages and started off road-laying works and improved basic sanitation condition in the villages.

All these measures are sending positive signals among the public in the state and even NRIs, who purposefully came home to vote for the TDP, that their state is progressing and would continue to tread the path of development in the coming days.