Burning Question: Where Is Kodali Nani?

YSR Congress firebrand Kodali Nani dominated Gudivada for the past two decades, securing victory in the Gudivada assembly seat in the last four elections. However, he suffered a shocking defeat this term by a margin of over 50,000 votes. As a result, Nani, known for his confrontational stance against TDP and JSP leaders in media interactions, has disappeared from public view.

Since TDP+ secured a significant victory, reducing YCP to just 11 seats, Nani has virtually vanished from the political scene. Recently, volunteers in Gudivada filed a police complaint against Nani for allegedly pressuring them to resign. This was followed by another case involving Nani’s alleged mistreatment of a man leasing an AP beverages godown.

Adding to his troubles, Deputy CM Pawan Kalyan has ordered an investigation into the ration rice scam that occurred during Kodali Nani’s tenure as Civil Supplies Minister. The current Civil Supplies Minister, Nadendla Manohar, is actively pursuing the rice scam investigation, tightening the noose around Nani.

Reports from the ground indicate that Nani is no longer accessible even to his own supporters and cadres, and his current whereabouts have become a mystery.

After years of verbally attacking leaders such as Babu, Pawan, and Lokesh with abrasive comments, Nani finds himself in a situation where his presence in Gudivada, a seat he held for 20 years, is now in question.