Shocking voting result backs Jagan’s decision

AP CM YS Jagan
AP CM YS Jagan

AP CM YS Jagan who had planned to introduce English Medium in all government schools from the coming academic year, received a huge jolt from AP High Court. The Court has squashed the G.O issued by Jagan sarkar and asked the YSRCP government to take the opinion of students and their parents regarding the medium of study.

Accordingly, the state government has sort the opinion of parents. Out of the 17,87,035 students in the state enrolled government schools, 17,85,669 parents have voted for English Medium. This means 96.17 parents/students are in favor of studying English medium in all government schools.

Only 3.05 parents/students have preferred to go with Telugu medium while 0.78 parents/students voted for other language of medium.

This is a huge boost for AP CM Jagan who was stubborn on converting all government schools into English medium.

The YSRCP government is likely to take this report to AP High Court and inform the details of their survey and go ahead with introducing English medium in schools.