‘Class’ For Two YCP MLAs From CM Jagan?

Two YCP MLAs were admonished by Chief Minsiter Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy, if sources in the CM’s camp office at Tadepalli are to be believed.

It is known that MLAs and an MP had a heated argument in the Visakhapatnam district development committee board meeting.

Chodavaram MLA Karanam Dharmasri and Rajya Sabha MP VIjayasai Reddy traded barbs against each other over land transactions, right in front of the district officials and TDP MLAs. However, neither of them took the name of the other person during their argument.

The MP iterated time and again said that the politicians were encroaching lands. Responding to this, Dharmasri said that it was unfair to consider all politicians as corrupt people. He demanded that the MP take the names of people who had really encroached the lands. “It is not fair to accuse and insult all the MLAs just for the sake of a couple of legislators,” Dharmasri said which led to a bitter argument between the duo.

Then the MP had an argument with Anakapalle MLA Gudivada Amarnath on the same issue which led to a confusion over what was happening at the meeting. Those attending the meeting could not understand why was the MP of the ruling party leveling allegations about encroachment of lands in the public.

It is learnt that the entire episode went to the notice of the chief minister and he called for both the MLAs, asked them about the details of what happened in the meeting and admonished them.

Vijayasai Reddy is a close confidante of the Chief Minister so much that he is considered as No. 2, the next person after Jagan in terms of importance in the government. Moreover, he is also the in-charge MP of North Andhra region.

It could be that both the MLAs just forgot that Vijayasai Reddy is the right hand of the Chief Minister for a brief period but will Jagan tolerate an argument with such an important person in the hierarchy?