Love For Home State Tamil Nadu, Ignores In-Laws Place

The Union Budget presented by Union finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman evoked criticism from the Telugu people. It reflected that her love towards her native land was much more than her in-laws’ place.

Sitharaman made heavy sanctions to Tamil Nadu but showed an empty hand to Telugu states. Making things much worse, she did not even make a mention  of the Telugu states.

People of both the Telugu states pinned many hopes on Nirmala Sitharaman since the day she was inducted as the Union finance minister in Modi’s Cabinet as she was married to Parakala Prabhakar, a native of Telugu land.

Their hopes that she would fulfil their desires one or the next year were dashed when no Budgetary sanctions were made to the states for the third time in a row. The Centre ignored the demands and requirements of both the Telugu states while allocating substantial funds for development works in the southern states of Tamil Naidu, Kerala and Karnataka.

Funds were earmarked for Metro rail lines and national highways in all the southern states except the Telugu states and this led to more dissatisfaction among the Telugu people.

Over Rs 63,246 crore was sanctioned for Chennai Metro Rail and Rs 14,788 crore for that of Bengaluru. The Budget also made proposals for building national highways in Kerala and Tamil Nadu. However, none of the allocations reached the Telugu states and netizens of these places began trolling her on social media.

Netizens began cracking jokes and posting memes with titles “Puttinti meeda prema.. attinti meeda alaka”. YCP MP Vijayasai Reddy said that the Budget looked more like of West Bengal, Kerala, Assam and Tamil Nadu, as allocations were made heavily for these states in view of the Assembly elections round the corner.