YCP Leader Caught Threatening Voters

Gone are the days when politicians used to plead with people for votes. These days politicians are indulging in threats to seek votes from people and here is the proof. Going into details, in Etcharla mandal of Srikakulam district, YCP leader Chiranjeevi dared people to vote for opposition.

“Even if the opposition leader wins the polls, I will be the MPP (Mandala Parishad President) and I will remove the cheque power of the opposition leader within two months. Don’t think that local leaders can’t do anything. I know how to deal with it and I have removed 40 names of beneficiaries from the pension scheme in Fariidpeta,” said Chiranjeevi and that’s quite upsetting.

Not stopping here, Chiranjeevi further said he would definitely stop the benefits of people who don’t vote for our party and after 21st of this month, we will do this and show.

This warning of Chiranjeevi to people has gone viral and political experts are not pleased with this.

Does YSRCP has knowledge of this leader’s warning? What will it say about it?

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