Enjoy immersive learning & get assured outcomes

Summer Camp by Turito transforms routine learning into a fun, immersive experience. Campers can warm up for their test prep via engaging expert-led sessions & get ready for the real drill. 

Have you heard of the “summer slide”? Regrettably, it’s not those enjoyable slides you see at water parks or playgrounds. It’s that slide, which no parent wants their kid to ride!

The summer slide implies learning loss that can happen during their vacations when learners don’t attend in-school classes for a prolonged period. This can pose more challenges to aspirants who are prepping for upcoming standardized tests.

Hence, to avert it, students should polish acquired skills and learn new abilities. So, what can one do to avoid this common problem? Continue the learning process all summer long in an enjoyable, structured way!

Well, this is where Turito Summer Camp comes in.

Summer Camp by Turito is a virtual getaway where campers get the chance to boost their test prep while gaining vital experiences and knowledge. Schools and colleges look for several criteria in applicants, such as high test scores and stellar profiles – results of strategic, organized preparation.

And with Turito Summer Camp, learners get the opportunity to avail all of the above!

To give a brief glimpse, Turito offers personalized 1-on-1 tutoring for K-12 students and test preps – alongside holistic development where the needs of success get identified and catered to.

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Turito Summer Camp: Diving into the details

Make learning enjoyable with Summer Bootcamp by Turito – packed with educational adventures, expert-delivered sessions, and small group classes. What’s more? Campers can step up their test prep with immersive learning experiences and guaranteed learning outcomes.

Get an edge with Summer Camp by Turito:

– Engaging and fun-packed learning with test prep experts

– In-class, session-wise practice tests and assured outcomes

– A free diagnostic test to analyze focus areas

Let’s explore Summer Camps by Turito!

Starter prep camp for SSAT & ISEE from grades 6-7

The SSAT prep camp helps students excel in verbal, reading, and math skills, multiplying their chances of entering elite private schools.

ISEE preps assist learners in mastering verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, reading comprehension, and mathematics achievement, increasing their probability of getting into the best private middle and high schools.

The camp is divided into 24 sessions – inclusive of fortnightly and grand tests, enabling students to perform well in the main test. The course also emphasizes useful skills like critical thinking and problem solving with the guidance of experts.

Go-Getter prep camp for PSAT from grades 8-9

PSAT prep, designed by Turito, enables students to excel in evidence-based reading, writing, language, and math sections. A good PSAT score enhances the possibility of securing the National Merit Scholarship and acing the SAT.

The Bootcamp, divided into 28 sessions, helps learners to get a head start for PSAT prep. It covers extensive course material, delivered virtually by test prep experts. Campers can benefit from the engaging sessions and practice tests while developing critical thinking and a proactive approach to problem-solving.

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SSAT & PSAT Camp Exclusives:

Turito offers an orientation program for profile-building to give guidance on extracurriculars, leadership skills, and social activities to build an exceptional portfolio.

The platform understands the rigors of prepping for high-level tests like the SAT and ACT. Gauging the requirements, test prep experts from Turito have carefully curated the following summer camps.

Pro-Prepper camp for the SAT from grades 10-11

The purpose of the SAT camp, comprising 40 expert-led sessions, is to assist campers in getting a strong grasp on the main sections of the test – writing and language, reading, and math.

Knowledge of question patterns and test format prepares students to score high and multiplies the chances of entering a top college.

Ace-Prepper camp for the ACT from grades 10-11

Turito ACT camp, comprising 44 sessions, helps students strengthen their knowledge of english, math, reading, and science while familiarizing them with the test questions and format.

The score helps in college admissions, college course placement, career planning, and obtaining scholarships.

Turito understands the problems faced by students while prepping for the SAT and ACT: lack of time management skills, inability to understand questions, and tendency to memorize everything.

4-step solution to address the above issues:

– Multiple ways of solving questions

– Effective strategies that support critical thinking

– Tips to understand questions and solve them fast

– Strengthening concepts via application-based learning

SAT & ACT Camp Exclusives:

Turito offers a college counseling overview to give campers an opportunity to identify the prerequisites of the top universities. After understanding the requirements, students can work on the necessary skills, and build an outstanding profile, which enhances the probability of entering leading colleges.

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In 8 weeks of live interactive small group sessions, learners get focused attention and in-class doubt clarifications with access to the class recording for 1 year.

The 1-hour live session is divided into two segments – 45 minutes of tutoring followed by 15 minutes of a practice test. Additionally, the regular assessments comprise full-length and concept-based tests alongside paper discussion with feedback sessions

Exclusive add-ons with Robotics and Coding (Grades 2 –10)

Experience the magic of hands-on learning | Evolve from wanderers to tinkerers & future innovators.

Robotics (grades 2-8) and Coding (grades 2-10) offerings are exclusive add-ons in Summer Camp by Turito that gives a fun twist – offering campers a unique opportunity to explore the world of coding languages & robotics projects.

It combines camping fun with future-oriented tech learning. Delivered via real coders and robotics experts in 1-on-1 sessions, the program offers complete application-based and project-driven hands-on learning!

Turito coding courses are Code.org, Scratch & Python while in robotics, campers can design projects like Electric Bike & Cable Car with DIY kits. Learners get a certificate upon completion in Robotics/Coding. Each program is divided into 32 sessions.

Join Turito summer camp and become a pro in test prep. So, what are you waiting for? To register for Turito Summer Camp, click here https://bit.ly/3NmKNF1

About Turito:

Trusted by 10,000+ parents, Turito aims to empower students with innovative, interactive, personalized, and all-inclusive learning, coupled with test prep, college counseling, and tutoring services, while guiding them to remarkable success.

Our services

– Test prep for SAT, ACT, PSAT, SSAT, AP & ISEE

– Foundation Program – Profile building, test preps & GPA boosters

– 1-on-1 tutoring – Math, English & Science

– STEM offerings – Coding & Robotics 


Turito provides the best online programs to students across the US, Canada, India, Australia, Singapore, the Middle East & Europe.

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