Admission into dream university – Prep by Turito

A well-structured approach to getting admission into your dream university- College Admission Prep by Turito.

Build a stellar profile for admission to top colleges with profile building, academic and college counselling services from Turito.

A professional degree from one of the top universities goes a long way in ensuring a promising future. And, parents need to know the right approach to guide their children to get admission to top universities across the world.

Though it’s not easy to get through the rigorous admission process of top universities, expert guidance, support, mentoring and an individualized roadmap make the journey seamless and fruitful. And that’s where Turito’s College Admission Prep (CAP) program comes in.

Introducing CAP by Turito

After an excruciating length of research and development phase, Turito (a leading ed-tech company) has recognized the prerequisites of admissions to top colleges. That’s how Turito has come up with its exclusive CAP – College Admission Prep – program that customizes its offers as per the needs of each student.

Focusing on building a strong conceptual base, Turito instills knowledge in students that help them comprehend and learn topics –targeted toward test prep. This enables them to have clear concepts, boost their GPA, ace tests like the ACT, SAT, PSAT, and SSAT, and build a stellar profile.

To make learning enjoyable and immersive, Turito offers live and interactive online classes with two-way communication, where both teachers and students can interact with each other.

The Framework of Turito’s CAP Program

A step-by-step pathway to top colleges – coupled with a stellar profile with excellence in academics, demonstrated interest and application with extracurriculars and social orientation.

College Admission Prep (CAP) Foundation | Grades: 6 to 8

– Profile Screening, Guidance & goal setting to build the right extracurriculars

– SSAT, ISEE prep, target to get into gifted programs

– Concept building with strong fundamentals

College Admission Prep | Grades: 9 to 11

Grades: 9 to 10

– Profile Building discussions – Strengthen & get deep in the extracurriculars

– Academic prep – GPA boosters, honors

– Test prep – AP, PSAT, SAT/ACT

Grade: 11

– Profile Building discussions – Skill application with social work, internships

– College selection Strategy

– Ace multiple APs (AP Scholar)

– SAT/ACT score improvement, PSAT for scholarships

College Application Counseling | Grade: 12

– College strategy

– College applications showcasing stellar profile

– Scholarship applications

Turito’s CAP Program: Advantages and Assured Outcomes

CAP by Turito is a comprehensive program to multiply the chances of admission to top colleges.

Program benefits for grades 6 to 8

– Goal setting with a roadmap

– Boost in mental aptitude & analytical ability

– Attitude to strive for excellence, boosted confidence

– Improved learning skills with concept application

– Exposure to standardized tests with SSAT/ISEE

– Multiply chances for getting selected for the gifted program in school

Program benefits for grades 9 to 11

– College counseling with goal setting

– Learning becomes easier & effective

– Clarity of thought & boosted self-confidence

– Practice focused test preps for speed & accuracy

– Holistic development with plan on summer activities, internships & community service

Program benefits for grade 12

– End-to-end application support

– Personal statements & essays

– College strategy

– Financial aid & scholarship application support

Prepping for your child’s future: Starting early, staying ahead

Preparing for college is a continuous process for students in middle school and high school. Starting in middle school is the way to go so that students will have ample time later for profile building and extracurricular work. Early preparation ensures students don’t get overwhelmed in later grades and continue to maintain better performances in the classroom.

In addition to academic benefits, starting early also has financial benefits. Completing AP classes successfully helps in gaining credits which saves the significantly from the university tuition fee (The cost per credit is significantly higher at the university than for AP Exams). Starting early – apart from helping build a strong profile – also helps learn about various scholarships, financial aids, and grants, and prepare better to apply and maximize the chances of higher value scholarships.

A spread-out and paced preparation goes a long way in allowing more time for students to pursue other interests. Grade 6 is when students need to start their preparations because cognitive developments happen around this time. They will learn better and faster with increasingly challenging tasks delegated to them.

In addition to this, they will get good at studies with proper guidance from acclaimed professionals. Attaining and maintaining a high GPA throughout grades is a consistent, rigorous effort that Turito’s CAP course has mastered. The framework and early orientation on competitive exams ensure better preparation for standardized tests. It focuses on a deeper understanding and application of concepts.

Turito aims to create leaders and entrepreneurs of tomorrow who will prove to be change-makers. And the best way to ensure that is by focusing on getting students into the top universities! The world-class faculty will ensure that students get superior learning experience by attending classes of globally leading academicians.

The highly achieved peer network and alumni association will ensure that students will get access to the premium academic circles.

Plus, a degree from one of the elite universities will be a great help in getting the students where they want to be in their careers. The top universities will offer them the best of opportunities and the schooling will help them build an extremely in-demand skill set and talent base, which will, in turn, offer them exceptional career prospects. They will get to lead organizations and will see steep growth in no time!

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