Surgical Strike on India – Indrani

As telugu feature film Indrani is releasing today worldwide, director Stephen Pallam has reported that there may be several controversial fictional story points in the film which may become controversial. He mentioned the audience need to consider all below points before or after watching the film.

  • Story revolves around the fictional element of what if surgical strikes are conducted by an international enemy on Indian territories. Is India prepared for it? He hopes that the audience will take this fictional idea without getting their sentiments hurt.
  • Director has used a smoky ghost effect to represent destiny in the film, so that all classes of audience can easily understand that it is destiny which is trying to defeat Indrani.
  • Conversations between dumb news anchor Sunaina and frustrated ground reporter Saptagiri will be hilarious to watch. Director wants to clarify that he has utmost respect for media personnel as they form the fourth pillar of democracy. Their conversations are purely for entertainment purposes only.
  • As the director has written a little complicated time travel film which no one has ever attempted before, he has added date and time for each day passing on screen. So, he requests the audience to focus on those dates and times displayed on screen while watching the film whenever they appear.
  • There will be little lengthy important conversations between characters in 2-3 scenes. There is so much information which needs to be provided to the audience, so that they can connect to the new story which the director wants to convey. Director tried his best to add entertainment and robot shots to make those scenes more engaging. For example a scene where a decision has to be taken to why Indrani has to travel to a specific time period.
  • Most important of all, as the concepts used in the movie will be very new to the audience and with time travel (back and forth elements), they have to focus onthe dialogues and proceedings of the movie without being distracted.
  • Don’t miss the beginning of the film, especially the voiceover of Sai Kumar garu and the beginning scene after the interval.

It is too much of an ask from the audience to keep all above items in mind while watching the film. But in order to tell a new story which cannot be predicted and will be very engaging to watch, the director has taken the decision to take this risk. Please go and watch this sci-fi entertaining Mass Marvel from today in theatres near you.