College Admission Prep 2.0: A Roadmap to Admission Process!

The whole process of College Admissions is a tough ballgame for the parents as well as the students. The biggest question that usually comes up is- where to start with in the first place? An overload of information and lack of reliable sources, this has become even a bigger cause of concern in the troubled pandemic times.

The students often worry about the admission process because they overlook the time factor and get too concerned about preparation rather than implementing the right steps.

Turito’s first webinar “College Admission Prep 101” being the first webinar in the series had thrown good light onto the process as a whole. The attendees could get a basic understanding about how the college admissions happen and got them prepared for what’s in store.

However, there are many other questions and concerns which will be addressed in the second webinar “College Admission Prep 2.0” that brings in additional understanding about the process.

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Gaining much adoration as a brilliant e-learning platform for SAT and ACT preparations, Turito is committed to bring the best career advice and knowledge for the parents and students. The College Admission Prep 2.0 features:

1) Mr. Uday Reddy- CEO and Founder of YuppTV and Turito,

2) Mr. Durga Prasad Kunta, Global Program Head of Turito,

3) Ms. Kristen Moon, the founder and CEO of Moon Prep,

4) Mr. Shailendra Tipparaju, Renowned Educator and Entrepreneur.

Date of the Webinar: 22nd May 2021, Time: 2:00 PM EST, 11:00 AM PST

Speaking about the challenges in College Admissions, Mr. Uday Reddy says, “Most of the parents and students are unaware of the right process for College Admissions. It is crucial to start at the right time and pay due attention to the steps that include appearing for the SAT Test, having the right GPA, and building the right profile.”

At Turito, we aim to provide the right guidance to parents and students about these specifics that would turn their dream of getting into a good college to reality.

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One prime question that bothers both the parents and students alike is- should we select a list of colleges, or zero in on only one dream college and work with all focus towards it.  This is a catch-22 situation because both the approaches have their own set of advantages and disadvantages.

“I will be covering a checklist for the summer for rising seniors that includes resume building, preparation of college application and understanding the admission process.” says Ms. Kristen Moon, the founder of Moon Prep.

In our webinar, you can interact with the industry experts who have solid knowledge in this field.

The webinar aims to cover the topics such as:

– Choosing the right major and the tailor-made approaches

– Selection criteria of the college- based on student’s requirements

– The right time to start preparing for college admissions

– A deeper dive into the SAT/ACT- the most important exams for College Admissions

– Handy tips for laying a path for a strong career

Every student is gifted with a unique set of abilities and hence, a generic process of college admissions may not work for all. Understanding the individual strengths and weaknesses, along with preferences should be taken into consideration.

Our panel of speakers in the webinar will make this process effortlessly easy by taking you this adventurous process and getting you a smooth understanding of the approach and necessary steps to take.

Talking about what’s in store from his side for the webinar, Mr. Durga Prasad Kunta says, ”Prep Exams such as SAT/ACT are an important aspect of college admissions and today, I am looking forward to sharing useful tips on how to get the best scores in these exams.”

Writing impactful Essays are another noted topic which brings a lot of concerns and worry to parents and students alike.

This webinar takes a bigger leap into this much needed topic and brings a thorough understanding of how the topics should be selected, the structure of essay writing and how important they are when it comes to admission in college.

Turito’s team of experts are ever-ready to bring the best information of college admission and academics in a swift manner. By the end of the webinar, the attendees will be equipped with the much-needed knowledge about college admissions and how to plan for the same.

Adding to this, well-known educator and entrepreneur Mr. Shailendra Tipparaju said, “I will be concluding the webinar with the career path that can be laid after the students are done with their school. With the help of platforms like Turito, the student can get a multidimensional pathway with a strong foundation.”

College Admission Prep 2.0 is a rare opportunity to interact with academic industry experts to have a thorough understanding of everything that’s necessary. Grab the fantastic chance to directly interact and clear all the myths relating to this otherwise tedious process.

To book your spot at our Webinar: College Admission Prep 2.0, click on the link

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