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Has your child dreamt of going to a top school and worried about getting high scores? The whole process of admissions to the Ivy League or top schools can get very taxing for parents both emotionally and financially.

We are here to solve your problems by providing exclusive test prep courses designed by expert tutors and counseling support for your child. Parents should encourage their children to start the test prep right from the 6th grade so that they do not run out of time and are well equipped to handle the challenges of getting high scores and building a great profile.

Turito, a unique platform with years of experience, comes up with a summer boot camp for 6th-11th grade where we help students start their preparations quite early that will be useful for them in the long run.

Additionally, we provide year-round academic support and set the right road map for students to reach their academic goals. Recognizing the discrepancies in our education system and the complications involved in providing it to everyone at affordable pricing, Turito embarked into the stream of online coaching with their top-notch faculty.

Summer Camp 2021 is one of many Turito’s growth initiatives that will help aspirants find a place in great colleges.

Our boot camp is conducted by expert tutors for the students, who have ample test prep experience to guide them for Ivy League prep. Take the first step towards the Ivy League preparation course with our 8-week long program to improve critical thinking, problem-solving, reading, and writing skills.

This summer break is the right time for students to start or accelerate their preparation to get into their dream schools. By the end of the camp, the students will understand career prospects and become well-prepared for tests.

The camp offers numerous features to the students, including counseling sessions from renowned experts which includes profile building, goal setting, and school & college application guidance to map their academic interests, catch up on their studies and get a kick start on SAT/ACT, ISEE, PSAT, SSAT test.

Our in-house test prep experts have designed this intensive curriculum to create the required standard of competence in the students. The curriculum will help the students to identify their subject weaknesses, polish them by clarifying doubts, and to work on them through personalized one-on-one interaction.

Begin preparing early through regular SAT, ACT, ISEE, SSAT, and PSAT tests conducted fortnightly and weekly, along with 5 grand tests. The tutors diagnose, develop, and scale students’ learning abilities during and after each grand test by discussing the paper.

The summer camp includes 27 hours to 46 hours of Live interactive classes that cover the latest questions and assessment trends that encourage a child’s computing, reading, problem-solving, vocabulary, reading, and writing skills.

Get started with our boot camp, batches commencing from 21st of June, by registering today. To register, click on the link

Our Mid-level and High-Level Bootcamp is specially designed for PSAT, SSAT, and ISEE aspirants. Our experts have designed this comprehensive course to act as a backbone for students to achieve higher scores.

This summer camp is perfect for ambitious students looking to get a head start in their test prep and want to land up in the top schools. Students will go through 27 hours of Live interactive classes by our top faculty who will aid them in getting them test ready.

Whereas the SAT & ACT Prep Bootcamp is specially designed for SAT and ACT regular prep. This batch is designed for the students who aim higher and plan to get admission to top colleges. The course offers up to 46 hours of Live interactive classes by expert tutors, with rigorous training and intensive prep.

About Turito

Turito is an innovative e-learning platform that offers the best-in-class online education. The organization aims to provide quality education to students across the globe. Turito’s highly qualified and experienced faculty powers this excellent educational platform that is interactive and engaging for the students who are willing to begin their test prep at the earliest. This enables the students to build a solid foundation for their academic journeys and target excellence in their chosen fields.

Turito has Live interactive classes with expert tutors, tailored curriculums, 24/7 doubt clearance panel, practice sheets, mock tests, performance updates to parents, and much more. Turito is a one-stop solution for young students who learn via one-on-one classes and get SAT/ACT prep courses that would help them get admitted to an Ivy League school of their choice.

The challenging path of academic excellence is made effortless by Turito’s commitment to delivering the students’ best education. To know more about Turito, click on the link

The earlier you start your preparations, the better are your chances of getting into your dream Ivy.

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