Did Ashwin complain against Kohli?

All-rounder Ravichandran Ashwin is known for his witty sarcasm and we have seen it in his Youtube vlogs. The star cricketer doesn’t hold back his emotions and remains straightforward all the time. This morning, he trolled the news agency which spread fake news on him.

The other day, popular news agency IANS reported that Ashwin complained against captain Virat Kohli, after feeling insecure in the team under his leadership. The report further added that Virat has apparently accused Ashwin of not showing intent in the World Test Championship (WTC) Final, which was held against New Zealand in June this year.

The report further stated that Ashwin’s absence in the playing XI during England tour also adds fuel to his rift with Virat.

This morning, Ashwin took to Instagram to explain that everything that is being circulated in media is absolutely fake. He shared a post in his trademark sarcastic way.

“I am searching for the handle called ‘Fake News,’ it used to be super fun for gossip,” wrote Ashwin.

“Oh yaa! Thank you, guys. Found them: I just heard they have renamed themselves and are now called IANS and some others take quotes from them too. Super fun,” he further added. With this statement, Ashwin indirectly put all rumours to rest.