Who Will Win If The The Reserve Day Washed Out!

IPL 2023 CSK vs GT Final: If both the original match day and the reserve day are washed out due to rain, the Gujarat Titans will be declared the winners of the IPL 2023.

The reserve day, Monday, May 29, was scheduled to ensure that the final could still take place if the original match day was affected by rain. However, if the reserve day is also affected by rain and a 5-overs-per-side game is not possible, the Gujarat Titans will be declared the champions.

The decision to award the title to the Gujarat Titans in the event of a rain washout on both days is likely based on the rules and regulations set by the IPL governing body. These rules would have been established prior to the tournament and would outline the procedures for handling such situations.

While it may be disappointing for both teams and the fans if the final is unable to take place, these rules are in place to ensure a fair and conclusive outcome in case of unforeseen circumstances like inclement weather.

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