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IT Giant IBM to layoff 5000 Employees

IT Giant IBM to layoff 5000 Employees

The ongoing layoffs by the leading IT companies in India is continuing, in fact on an increasing note with IBM joining the league newly. In a major development, sources close to IBM disclosed that the company may release at least 5,000 employees over the next few quarters.

"The process has already started. Managers have been asked to identify under performers," says a person close to the development.

Though the IT major didn't confirm the exact number of employees to be impacted, it further said that, "Re-Skilling and rebalancing are two ongoing processes as we accelerate the benefits of cognitive and cloud technologies for clients around the world."

Currently, 1,50,000 persons are employed in IBM India. With this decision, close to 30,000 IT jobs are in danger this year.

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