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Great Move: Kohli drops from Top Two Brands

Great Move: Kohli drops from Top Two Brands

Virat Kohli is undoubtedly the top cricketer of India currently and the star cricketer has been earning huge with endorsements.

Quite surprisingly, Kohli dropped himself as the brand ambassador of Pepsi products along with some fairness creams as he felt he is socially responsible and they have been into controversies and are facing the heat of people. He is keen on signing endorsements that will help the people and Kohli opened doors for charity too. He has been endorsing Pepsi since 2011 and he refused to renew the contract with the beverage company.
He felt that promoting soft drinks is something asking people to consume them and Kohli straightaway rejected it. He even refused to reveal the reason for not renewing the endorsement. Virat even revealed that he is not in a mood to promote fairness creams as they talk about skin tones and will not go well with a section of people and is against their values.

Needless to say, Kohli is going to lose huge amount for rejecting Pepsi deal. However he has enough endorsements in hands which made him one of the highest-earning athletes in the country.

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