Telangana No 1 in South : Corona Secondary Infection Rate

In a grim milestone, Telangana state stood No. 1 in the South and 6th in the country in Corona Virus secondary infection rate. Amidst rapid surge in Covid-19 positive cases across the country, the secondary infection rate is posing a major challenge. The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) has conducted a detailed and elaborate analysis on Corona Virus spread in all the states and Union Territories and found that the secondary infection rate is one of the highest in Telangana despite having a low testing rate.

For beginners, secondary infection occurs during or after treatment for another infection. It may be caused by the first treatment or by changes in the immune system. So, this is causing a great worry.

As per reports, ICMR has tested Covid-19 cases reported between February 2nd and April 30th. As per its study, 5.6 persons had tested positive for 100 tests done on asymptomatic, symptomatic and unspecified categories of people.

As per the ICMR study, Telangana had conducted 7,593 tests among symptomatic and asymptomatic contacts of confirmed Covid-19 positive cases between February and April. The state had also done another 5952 tests among random, unspecified people. Of the total 13,545 tests done, 752 people had tested positive for the Covid-19..

Top 5 in South – Secondary Infection Rate

Telangana – 5.6%

Tamil Nadu – 2.1%

Kerala – 1.4%

Andhra Pradesh – 1.1%

Karnataka – 0.9%

Top 6 All India – Secondary Infection Rate

Chandigarh – 11.5%

Maharashtra – 10.6%

Delhi – 8.8%

MP – 6.7%

Gujarat – 5.8%

Telangana – 5.6%

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