One Dose – 96.6 % Effective In Preventing Deaths; Two Doses- 97.5%

The government said in a statement today that one dose of vaccine is 96.6 percent effective in preventing death and two doses of vaccine is 97.5 percent effective. The statement comes after thorough research with the help of the new data in the nation.

The Centre said that vaccination is helping in the prevention of deaths and most deaths in the catastrophic second wave of Covid in April-May were recorded only among the unvaccinated. “Vaccination is the most important shield against the virus,” said VK Paul, head of the Covid task force.

He further urged people to take vaccinations as they are available now. “It assures that death due to Covid does not happen,” he said. Paul also clarified that all the breakthrough infections among the fully vaccinated do happen but they “do not result in mortality”.

But on the other hand, the Union health ministry’s latest analysis of adverse events following immunization (AEFI) shows that 61 out of 88 cases of severe or serious side effects have a consistent causal association to vaccination, and 37 were vaccine-related reactions.

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