Instagram Memorialized Sushant’s Account

Sushant Singh Rajput’s death is still a shock and there are new controversies coming up each day with nepotism and allegations of suppressing the uprising in the Bollywood on one side, and the new suspicions and doubts raised from the investigation of his suicide on the other.

Amid this all, the number of followers on Sushant’s Instagram account kept on rising. The Instagram converted Sushant’s account to a Memorialized account that adds the word ‘Remembering’ to the account profile. Memorialized accounts are a place to remember someone’s life after they have passed away.

The important features of this Memorialized account are that the posts the deceased person shared, stay on Instagram, and are visible to the audience they were shared with. Memorialized accounts do not appear in certain places of Instagram, like Explore. No changes can be done to account’s existing posts and information.

Facebook also had this feature to remember the lost ones and keep their account alive.

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