TV Actress Flaunts Her Yoga Skills Topless

Popular Hindi TV actress and ex-Bigg Boss contestant Aashka Goradia is a big-time yoga maniac and she often shares pictures of her workout and lifestyle on social media. However, what she shared today is beyond our imagination as the actress goes topless to show off her pro yoga skills and also give a strong message to her haters.

Aashka, who is famous for her roles in Ekta Kapoor’s serials, goes topless in a bold manner. She is seen doing a Yoga headstand facing her back. She further went creative by writing #OneLove on her back.

“It’s funny how the people who know you the least, talk about you the most. Down right comical when they think you are unaware. My foot in the sky and head on the ground… for this whole life. My back is strong AF … so talkers/haters get a life,” she captioned for this topless picture.

Fans are awestruck to see the actress’s innovative way of dealing with haters and the way she posed near picturesque island waters. Aashka is currently on a sabbatical and is more focused on her entrepreneurial dreams as she owns a cosmetic brand. She also has a yoga school in Goa.