Assam Govt Gives 2 Days Leave To Spend With Parents

In a surprise move, the Assam government took a friendly step and granted special leave for its employees, officials and ministers on January 6 and 7 so that they can spend the much-needed quality time with their parents and in-laws. In addition to this, they also have January 8 and 9 casual holidays, in turn, making the state government employees enjoy a long weekend from Jan 6 -10.

However, the state government employees will need to provide proof of staying with their parents or in-laws to their senior officials to avail themselves of the leave. Assam Chief Minister Dr Himanta Biswa Sarma said that the employees will have to submit pictures of spending time with their living parents or in-laws to their superior officers.

The officials mentioned that the state government will open a portal to encourage their officers and staff to upload pictures with their parents or in-laws. But it is a must that the employees will have to submit the pictures to their superior officer to regularize the leave. Since a vast population lives with their parents, the employees will get a solid five days to spend time with their family members.

The Chief Minister said that he also wants IAS, IPS officers, besides employees and ministers to enjoy the holidays. This is a New Year gift from the government to its people and he further added that they will try to give economic compensation to their lower-ranked officers, employees, which might help their staff to enjoy pilgrims or tourist destinations with their parents. Indeed a laudable act from the government as they promote rich Indian culture and its uniqueness by valuing the phenomenal bond between parents and children.