Now, Telugu Language In Australian Schools!

In an honour to the Telugu language, the Australian government has allowed Telugu to be an option language for students of primary and secondary schools. This decision of the Government of Australia would benefit the local Telugu community settled here and the students who pursue higher education in the country.

The fresh decision of the Australian government also includes to give 5 marks more on the passing of students who participate in the examination conducted by the National Accreditation Authority for translators and interpreters. Telugu is the fourth Indian language to get the due recognition from the Australian government after Hindi, Punjabi and Tamil language.

Over the last decade or so many Telugu community people have travelled to Australia and even settled here in various popular cities. This also resulted in considerable growth of the Telugus population.

Upon this decision, the administrator, and media communication secretary of Telugu society has expressed happiness and added that this would help Telugu community people to a larger extent.

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