Hyd Train Torching: That Guy Who Lost Certificates & Job

In the name of protesting against the proposed military recruitment scheme, Agnipath, aspiring armed students who are studying at various private defense academies have created ruckus at various public places other day, mainly railway stations. With Secunderabad station being the badly hit one, one wonders what are these protestors even thinking while undertaking the vandalism.

One could not definitely lose sight of the mail carriage that was burned down to ashes to Secunderabad railway station other day. The coach is carrying more than 6000 parcels including some very important documents, offer letters and other official communication as well. Apparently, some of the burnt parcels read by the journalists on the site are said to be ‘covers’ containing certificates.

Now that a guy’s certificates got burnt inside the carriage, first of all, the company will not offer him a job immediately. And then, if he has to get his certificates issued from the university again, first he needs file a police complaint and Railways should then give a reply, only after the case gets closed the university will re-issue the certificates. Will the job wait for this guy until then?

Imagine how many lives are indirectly affected and brought down to a zero stage due to the torching of this mail-delivery coach. Some might have lost certificates, some lost important property documents, some lost money orders and others lost maybe a last letter from their family member or something like that.

Though everything is going digital these days, we still use letters for official communication, and destroying them in this violence is surely a sad thing.