Viral Video: Pakistani Musician Plays Jana Gana Mana

At the stroke of midnight on August 14th, which means at the first minute of August 15th, 1947, British-ruled India is set free but divided into two countries, India and Pakistan. While we Indians celebrate our Independence Day on August 15th, Pakistanis celebrate it on the 14th itself. One wonders why they took that decision, but then, the people of Pakistan could be seen wishing on the I-Day eve.

A musician from Pakistan, Siyal Khan, who is famous for playing various superhit songs on his Rabab, a string instrument, has given a gift to his fans across the border. He has rendered the instrumental version of India’s national anthem, Jana Gana Mana, as we are celebrating the 76th Independence Day. On completion of 75 years of Independence, already Indians are ecstatically celebrating their freedom today, and this gift from across the border just made it more special.

No doubt, the rendition from Siya Khan is powerful, pleasing and heartful we must say. “Happy #IndependenceDay India. I tried the National Anthem of India as a token of friendship and goodwill for Peace, tolerance and good relations between us. #IndependenceDay202”, the artist said, as he shared the video.

Earlier Siya Khan played instrumental versions of many superhit Bollywood songs and those videos are a hit on YouTube.