US: NRI In Need Of Funds For Brain Haemorrhage

Every time a call for a noble gesture is given, Indian community in the United States of America steps up and aids for the respective cause. It’s time for another gesture to show solidarity towards supporting a working software professional.

Tilak Myla from Pennsylvania had suffered a Brain Haemorrhage and since been battling for his life in Reading Hospital -Tower Health in the same city. He has AVM (Arteriovenous Malformation) rupture and has severe bleeding near his cerebellum causing hydrocephalus and has swelling in his brain and is under External Ventricular Drain (EVD).

Tilak is currently in ICU and has gone through different procedures like the Drain on his right side of his brain (EVD) and tracheostomy (Ventilator through windpipe) and Central IV line in neck (IV therapy used for a long time), angiogram to check his internal AVM rupture. MRI will be taken once ICP is down.

However, Tilak insurance plan wouldn’t cover all the expenses for the treatment & long term care he needs. So his brother Ravi Myla has appealed to people to make donations and a campaign has been organised and all the money credited will be withdrawn by Ravi himself and used for the treatment, care and recovery of Tilak.

Follow this link to make your donations

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