Neha Kakkar Vs Falguni Pathak: Legal Action, Backlash & Trolling

It all started with Neha Kakkar’s ‘O Sajna’, which is a recreation of Falguni Pathak’s ‘Maine Payal Hai Chankai’. The song features Neha Kakkar, Priyank Sharma, and Dhanashree Verma.

While a large number of people on Social media reacted to Neha Kakkar’s ‘O Sajna’ saying she ruined the original by remixing it. Even the original singer Falguni Pathak shares messages from her fans that read ‘Stop torturing with your voice’. When asked about her reaction to the recreation of her song and if she is considering a legal route suggested by many of her fans, Falguni Pathak told, ‘I wish I could but the rights are not with me.’

Meanwhile, Neha Kakkar reacted to the backlash she had been receiving for O Sajna. She did not mention the backlash over the song but wrote, ‘Very few people in the world get what I have received in life. That too at such a young age. This kind of fame, love, countless super hit songs, super duper hit TV shows, world tours, fans from little kids to 80-90 years old people and whatnot!!”

Neha further wrote, ‘You know why I got all this, because of my talent, hard work, passion, and positivity. So…today I just wanna thank God and each one of you for giving me what I have today. Thank you!! I am the most blessed child of God. Thank you again! Wishing you all a lifetime of happiness.’

‘And for those who’s sooo unhappy seeing me happy and successful, I feel sorry for them. Bechaare… Plz keep commenting. I won’t even delete them. Coz I know and everybody knows what Neha Kakkar is! If talking in such a manner, saying such bad things about me, abusing me.. makes them feel good and if they think it will ruin my day. Then I’m sorry to inform them that I’m too blessed to have bad days. This God’s child is always happy cause God himself is keeping me happy’, Neha Kakkar concluded.