Netizen Asks Nag: ‘Why Is Your Wife Harassing Middle Class?’

Sometimes netizens react strongly through Twitter though their point of view is debatable. Here comes one such netizen who is upset with GHMC dumping stray dogs in their area and has even filed a complaint against it. However, the revelation made by the corporation is said to have upset him. 

He then wrote on Twitter, “GHMC responded to my complaint on aggressive street dogs, pvt contractor claims he is helpless with residents complaints due to Amala Akkinneni complaint in SC. Why is your wife harassing middle class? Is it OK if all street dogs are dropped in front of your home? Nagarjuna?”. 

If we look into the case, the street dog menace is not new in cities like Hyderabad, but what GHMC does, in this case, is they will pick up the dogs, will vaccinate and sterilise them, and then leaves them at the same place. Years ago, picking up and killing of these stray dogs used to exist but a petition filed by Amala Akkineni, a founding member of Blue Cross in 1994 led to stopping that heinous act.

Right now, as per the Court Order, GHMC will just sterilise the dogs and leave them where they picked them in the first place.