Three Days With Each Wife, Sunday Holiday!

A Family Court in Gwalior’s Madhya Pradesh has accepted a ridiculous compromise in a case where an engineer who works in an MNC married two women on different occasions. Going into details, a 28 years old software engineer married 26 years old from the same profession in May, 2018. The couple was blessed with a son.

In 2020 when the lockdown was announced, the couple came to Gwalior and after the lockdown was lifted only the techie flew to Gurgaon. He never returned to Gwalior to check with his wife and son. Sensing fishy, the family of the techie probed his whereabouts and learned that he married his co-worker from office in 2021 and has a daughter too.

The techie’s first wife approached the family court in Gwalior. Instead of punishing the techie, the family court asked the counsellor to resolve the issue amicably. Accordingly in January 2023, the advocate compromised both sides by asking the techie to spend first three days of the week with one wife, the next three days with another. Sunday is being left out to him and he can spend with whomever he wants.

The agreement also said that the techie earns Rs 1.5 Lakh monthly and it should be evenly split. Besides this he owns two flats and each wife gets one. If the techie violates this agreement, the first wife is given the authority to approach the court.

Advocate Harish Dewan said that the first wife did not necessarily want to send her husband to jail.