Brad Pitt Plays Dr. Fauci, Trolls Trump

Brad-Pitt Turns Dr Fauci for Saturday Night Live
Brad-Pitt Turns Dr Fauci for Saturday Night Live

US top infectious disease expert Dr. Anthony Fauci earlier wished for Brad Pitt to play him on ‘Saturday Night Live’, and his wish turned true on SNL second episode in self-isolation.

Hollywood’s most famous Brat Pitt turned Dr. Fauci in looks, voice, and accent and spoke what Dr. Anthony Fauci could have spoken if he wants to contradict President Trump’s notorious claims about Covid-19 in medical briefings. Brad Pitt trolled Trump with glimpses of the latter’s most controversial speeches during the pandemic time.

Donald Trump’s conspiracy theories, false treatments, unproven health suggestions, misinformation, and even the latest ‘injection/ingestion of disinfectants’ comments were brought to SNL’s Dr. Fauci’s desk and well, he answered them all. Basically, he played Dr. Fauci who tries to explain what exactly the president is trying to say and also eliminate the myths and fact-check him.

Needless to say that Brad Pitt excelled playing Dr. Fauci and even the latter seems to have enjoyed it thoroughly. When asked about Brad’s show, Dr. Fauci said he did great and also said he is a great fan of Brad Pitt. Dr. Fauci wished Brad Pitt to play him when asked if he had a choice between Pitt and actor Ben Stiller.

In the end, Brad Pitt thanked to the real doctor Dr.Fauci for his calm and clarity, and then he thanked all medical workers, first responders in the front-line.