₹950 crore – A Bad Money Heist Plan

A shadow of hand delivering a credit card.

The sleepy region of Adibatla in the outskirts of Hyderabad saw a laughably bad heist go wrong as a 15-member thief gang attacked a chocolate company owner’s house to steal “₹950 crores black money”, based on a tip.

The gang climbed the compound wall, broke CCTV cameras and beat up the watchmen guarding the house to break in.

But what worked against the thieves favour was the fact that the residents of the house immediately alerted the police, which led to the thieves fleeing the premises upon listening to the sound of the patrol van siren. The thieves vandalized parts of the house before escaping.

The information that the chocolate company owner was hoarding such a vast sum of black money was also untrue, according to a statement given by the local DCP. In a desperate attempt to make quick money, the accused gang took a false lead from the house owner’s former employee seriously.

Not only this, the accused also made plans to replace the real money in the house with fake currency, in order to book the house owners’ in a counterfeit notes case after the robbery.

As of now, 14 members of the gang have been placed in judicial custody, while one member is currently absconding from the police.