Film stolen from this Actor’s office

We usually don’t hear of actors becoming victims of robberies because more often than not, these celebrities know how to protect their wealth with top-of-the-line security infrastructure, guards and the works.

But once in a while, we do come across stories of celebrities falling prey to robberies which shows that they are really not that different from normal people.

While stealing cash and electronics is commonplace, we rarely hear incidents where people steal film negatives of all things. And that is exactly what happened to Anupam Kher recently.

Two unidentified persons broke into the office of Anupam Kher in Mumbai. The thieves stole the negatives of a film produced by his company, along with ₹4.15 lakh in cash on Thursday.

The incident came to light at around 9:45 am on Thursday morning when the office staff arrived to find their locks broken. The actor shared his plight on social media, writing, “Last night in my Veera Desai Road office two thieves broke two doors and stole the entire safe from the accounts department (which they probably couldn’t break) and the negatives of a film produced by our company which was in my cabin. Our office has filed an FIR.”

This robbery took place in one of Anupam Kher’s oldest offices, which he set up for his acting school. The ₹4 lakhs worth of cash stolen was kept in a safe, this cash was specifically assigned for “Tanvi The Great”, Kher’s upcoming project as a director. The robbers also stole the negatives of “Maine Gandhi Ko Nahi Maara”, a 2008 film produced by Kher. He had also starred in the film.

The CCTV footage outside the building showed the duo of thieves escaping in an auto-rickshaw. A First Information Report was registered at Amboli police station under relevant sections of the Indian Penal Code and an investigation is currently underway by Mumbai Police.