What’s Up With Telugu YouTuber’s Case?

Praneeth Hanumanthu

Telugu YouTuber Praneeth Hanumanthu, known by his channel name Phanumantwo, recently sparked massive outrage and condemnation across social media for making highly inappropriate and derogatory comments about a 5-year-old child and her father.

The backlash was swift, with Telangana CM KCR, Andhra Pradesh Home Minister, many ministers, MLAs, celebrities and influencers strongly condemning Hanumanthu’s sick remarks.

Both the Telangana and Andhra Pradesh police immediately announced that they would be filing cases against Hanumanthu and taking action against him.

However, despite the widespread public anger and official statements, there have been no reports of the YouTuber actually being arrested so far, thus shocking the netizens.

While the YouTuber himself released an ‘apology’ video, but it was seen by many as more of an attempt to spin the narrative rather than a genuine expression of guilt.

The lack of concrete action against Praneeth Hanumanthu has led to questions and speculation. Some believe that his influential background, with his father being a senior IAS officer, may be playing a role in delaying or obstructing his arrest.

There are concerns that the authorities may be deliberately dragging their feet, allowing him time to potentially secure bail. We have to see what happens.