Visiting Goa? Beware! Tourists Without Mask To Be Fined

Wearing a mask and carrying a hand sanitiser have become the daily essentials now for any person these days. However, people are still ignorant of wearing masks. Many states in the country have brought this ‘Mask Mandatory’ in order to prevent the spread of virus. Also the states are imposing a fine on people if found without a mask.

Falling in line is the state of Goa. However the state government has no issues with the locals over there but the trouble is with the tourists. Post the lockdown, Goa is flooded with tourists and many of them are not seen wearing masks. There reports that tourists are arguing with authorities and locals when asked to wear a mask.

Learning about such incidents, the Goa government has decided to photograph all the tourists and impose a fine if they are found without a mask. Initially the tourists without masks would be penalised by Rs 200 and if caught again, the fine would be doubled.

The Goa government has assigned the task to the police and Municipal corporation officials to implement this order with immediate effect. The officials will be roaming around all the tourist spots in Goa to make sure wearing a mask is mandatory.