Sunny Leone Chops Her Finger To Terrify Her Husband

Well, lockdown is making people go crazy and one of such hot ladies is Sunny Leone. While she is the first one to start everyday live chats on Instagram, she is also busy doing some crazy prank videos as well.

Other day, her husband Daniel Weber’s heart might have got slipped into his pocket when Sunny pulled off a mega prank. She has used a fake finger and acted as if her finger got chopped accidentally with blood spilt all over. In the video shared by the actress on her social media page, she’s seen acting like she got really her finger chopped and Daniel is terrified by the look of it, as he searches for help.

But with Sunny focussing on her phone the whole time, Daniel understood that he is being filmed and this is just a prank. Later when the sexy damsel questioned him about the prank, he rated it zero, as he says that he doesn’t like pranks and hates much when someone pulls it on him.

Well, these pranks are surely dangerous when pulled on persons with a cardiac condition and other health disorders. So be careful while doing them.

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