Lady Doctor Who Spoke About Wuhan, Disappeared In China

While the world already knows about Dr Li Wenliang who first revealed the novel virus that is affecting Wuhan through social media and later got reprimanded for doing that, and even died while treating Covid-19 patients, here comes another doctor. It happens to be Dr Ai Fen, the head of Emergencies at Wuhan Central Hospital, who has shared about the virus first to Dr Li, and here is her story.

On March 14th recently, Dr Ai Fen has for the first time given an interview to a Chinese media agency where she stated that she found out about the virus on Dec 30th and two days later she was reprimanded by hospital’s disciplinary committee for spreading unwanted rumours. Later by the time, China’s government realised that this novel coronavirus is spreading from human to human, already Wuhan is seeing almost 1500+ new cases each day.

She explained in her interview how authorities have asked her to stay silent. Guess what, the moment her interview is out, the government passed orders to take it down from all the websites and social media pages. And the latest twist is, after travel restrictions are lifted on Wuhan, Dr Ai Fen went missing. Whether she disappeared herself or it happened like in the case of many dissidents is not known for now.