‘Don’t Post Pics Of Vaccination Cards On Social Media’

The pandemic did stop people from coming into public life for some time, but it never could stop them from flaunting their personal life via social media posts anytime. Like many exciting things the millennials want to show off on their social media timelines, their vaccination updates are also surfacing on the social media accounts.

The Better Business Bureau is warning people to stop sharing the photos of vaccination cards. The vaccination card has their full name and birthday on it and also the information about the vaccination center. If the user’s social media account privacy settings are not set at high, the person might be passing the valuable information away for anyone to use. It is better if people stop clicking selfies with their vaccination card and posting it on Facebook, Instagram, or anywhere else.

Recently, scammers in Great Britain were caught selling fake vaccination cards on eBay and on TikTok. The selfie could make it the scammers easy to make imitation vaccination cards.

So, it is highly suggested that you use your vaccination sticker instead of flashing your vaccination cars on social media. There are already many ways the scammers are cashing on the Covid-19 pandemic, like contract tracing cons, stimulus fraud, clinical trial scams, vaccine scams, etc.