Be Mindful And Stop Ending Your Life

It is nearly impossible to imagine what led a friend, family member, or celebrity to commit suicide. The latest news of MS Dhoni: The Untold Story’s fame, Sandeep Nahar’s suicide has once again left many of us wondering how suicidal can people be.

In just a span of one year, India has lost some famous people by suicide like Sushant Singh Rajput, Tamil actress Chitra, Hindi actor Asif Basra, TV actors Sameer Sharma and Manmeer Grewal, Bhojpuri actress Anupama and Crime Patrol actress Prekksha Mehta.

Similarly, in Tollywood, we have seen Uday Kiran, Silk Smitha, Comedian Vijay Sai and so on. The rising of suicide rates in India is alarming and the reason for intentionally ending one’s life could be long-term difficulties with thoughts, feelings, or experiences that the individual feels they cannot bear any longer. We are living in a society where sharing your emotions is considered taboo. We all have virtual life but we don’t have real friends to tell what we really feel. This can lead to depression.

But the major problem of all is one expecting a lot from themselves. We are living in the world of high competition which is why we push ourselves beyond our limits. On the other hand, we also have motivational speakers who are preaching to us to achieve anything in the world which is why we forget that we should expect less from ourself. We should know what we are capable of and how much we can push our limits. We should understand that everyone has a different skill set, capabilities and timeline.

Unfortunately, it is just that the structure of our society has changed drastically within a few generations and we need new types of support systems to help people cope with feelings of isolation and loneliness in this new world of nuclear families and social media. (If you know anyone around you, or you for that matter, who has suicidal tendencies, get help by calling organisations which are there to help you and relieve you from distress. The trained volunteers are always one call away from you)

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