Anand Mahindra’s Viral Tweet

The tweet by renowned industrialist Anand Mahindra titled ‘This is the power of art’ evoked good response from many netizens. Anand Mahindra, who is known for his tweets and empathetic nature apart from his readiness to appreciate ingenuity, shared the picture of a sculpture, in connection with the programme ‘Burning Man’.

The photo depicts a man and a woman sitting with their backs to each other after an argument, but the inner child in them wanting to connect to each other. Despite the bitter disagreement between the adults following the discord, the inner child in both of them tries to break through the inhibitions and facilitate the healing of our vulnerabilities as humans, he pointed out.

“Age has many beautiful gifts but one we could live without is the pride and resentment we hold onto when we have conflicts with others. The forgiving, free spirit of children is our true nature. Remember this when you feel stubborn.”

The netizens got connected with the tweet and many retweeted it, while others liked and a few commented on it. Many felt that the tweet truly depicted the human nature and tendency in a candid manner.

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