Covid Second Wave: Keep Your Children Safe

The devasting sights of India’s second wave are leaving every one of us mentally anguished with every passing day. The heartbreaking stories at the hospitals and chronic shortages of oxygen and beds across the nation are horrific. Even the county’s healthcare system is crumbling amid the surge in cases.

Unfortunately, the second wave is witnessing a lot of children getting contracted to the virus pretty quickly in comparison to what we saw in the first wave last year. The health experts confirmed that even newborns and infants are testing Covid-19 positive. However, most of them recover soon and it’s seldom we see fatal cases.

What parents need to comprehend is children between 5-12 years are at a greater risk nowadays and it is very important to guard children in this grim situation by accompanying those who are showing severe symptoms. Most of the symptoms in kids start with loose motions, followed by a prolonged cough.

For children, 2021’s second wave is definitely alarming and parents are in dilemma on how to protect their offsprings from the deadly virus. As the paediatric cases are on a surge, families need to be cautious with Covid-appropriate behaviour at home. It is vital for children to avoid getting exposed to vulnerable areas.

Other symptoms in kids include gastrointestinal, rash, conjunctivitis, vasculitis, Diarrhoea, vomiting. Here are some of the guidelines to keep children safe from covid infections.

  • Keeping children in a well-ventilated room is important.
  • Keep them well-hydrated.
  • Breastfeed newborns only after sanitizing hands and wearing a mask as babies are vulnerable to the virus.
  • Homes with kids need to avoid social gatherings or visitors.
  • Clean and disinfect surfaces frequently
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