Mother’s Day – Real Unsung Heroes In Covid Crisis

Irrespective of age, the first person that comes to our mind when life hits below the belt is our mother. And that’s inherent in us because she will never judge you or turn her back on. Today is a special day to celebrate ‘her’ life. The world is celebrating Mother’s Day on 9 May 2021 and the word mother is less of a word and more of a whole universe in itself.

Her glory is beyond the description of words and she is someone who sacrifices her needs for the fulfilment of her children’s desire. During the coronavirus pandemic, we have innumerable mothers who are working as doctors, nurses, and other front liners, leaving their children back at home with a heavy heart.

Despite feeling worried about how their children are doing, the working women stay responsible and fully attentive at their workplace, like hospitals, doing their duties uptight. A woman remains anxious about her offsprings incessantly. Yet, she cannot do anything in the pandemic. It’s heart-rendering that she cannot even hug them just after reaching home due to fear of infection.

Due to the pandemic, many mothers are being challenged by the dual pressures of managing their job and caregiving. Parenting pressures have skyrocketed and women are managing wonderfully everywhere. We have many Anganwadi workers, nurses and cops who are mothers and doing their duties in the pandemic in spite of missing their children all the time. They cannot neglect their work because what they are doing is for their children’s future.

During the first wave of the pandemic, a mother from Telangana drove 1,400 km to ensure the safety of her stranded son and bring him back to the family, setting an emotionally lauding example to all the mothers out there. A 50-year-old mother from Nizamabad district in Telangana decided to ride her two-wheeler to Nellore in Andhra Pradesh after her teen son got stranded there owing to the nationwide lockdown.

In the second wave, we have seen a pregnant Deputy Superintendent of Police in Chhattisgarh appealing to people to adhere to lockdown guidelines on the streets in the scorching heat. Standing under the extremely hot weather, DSP Shilpa Sahu is seen with a lathi in her hand and a face shield while monitoring the crowd on the streets of Dantewada urging them to stay indoors. 

We also have many cases of pregnant women getting contracted the virus. It is unimaginable to even understand how their whole world comes crashing down around them when they get tested positive for COVID-19. Yet these pregnant women could do nothing but keep their fingers crossed for the safety of the lives in their womb. 

This year’s mother day is very special but also excruciatingly painful as many people out there lost their mothers to the fatal virus. Remembering all those mothers who left the world due to the virus and to all those women who are spending sleepless nights in the hospitals for their children’s wellbeing, here we are to tell you that your will power is not easily dispelled. Stay strong like you always did! Happy Mother’s Day, everyone.

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