In Pics: Boarding A Flight Will Be Like Entering ICU

The domestic flights have resumed its services across India this morning (25 May), after a whopping 60 days of lockdown and the new chapter today is bringing relief to the aviation sector which was on Rs 25k crore revenue loss due to the lockdown.

The airports, both in India and other countries were seen with a huge number of people boarding flights. However, boarding flights are nothing short of entering an ICU with its unprecedented setups.

The look may give you both anxiety and nervousness, but, it is for our own good. As flights have returned to the skies, the flying experience will surely and drastically change and one needs to adapt the change like how ICUs promote meticulous hygiene and care in terms of outfits and ambience for the wellbeing.

All the cabin crew aboard members donned head-to-toe Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) suits, along with safety goggles, masks and gloves. It is said that the cabin crew has undergone training on how to minimize their chances of contracting or spreading COVID-19.

Also, the thermal temperature screening is used before takeoff and after arrival so that if any colleagues or passengers show symptoms/test positive, cabin crew are also quarantined and tested.

Among international flights, Qatar Airways, AirAsia and Philippine Airlines introduced full-body custom PPE suits for cabin crew last month. Business-class passengers who are travelling on board can put a “Do Not Disturb” sign on their door to limit their contact with crew members.

Food is supplied via tray instead of table setup and large bottles of hand sanitizer have been placed in the galleys for both cabin crew and passenger use. While the passengers wore face shields and masks inside flights, crew members were seen in protective gowns, masks and face shields.

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